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Cosmic Futures

is our career planning and transition support service

  We aim to

  • improve planning and decision-making skills

  • remove barriers to participation

  • challenge stereotypes 


We specialise in supporting people who face challenges

to achieving their full potential. 

This could be because of a health condition, impairment

or Special Educational Need.

Our Team.


Jules Benton

Chief Exec, RCDP

Professional Employee ID Card.png

Maria Pruden-Medus

Cosmic Futures Adviser, Registered Social Worker


Jeanette Rogers

Cosmic Futures Adviser, CDP


Shel Silva

Cosmic Futures Adviser, CDP


Ben Lucas

Cosmic Futures Peer Mentor

Making Sense of Future Options

These are some of the ways we can help you 'make sense' of future options and decision-making ...


What ideas do you have for the future? It doesn't matter if you have loads, or none ... our advisers will help you find out all the possibilities


> If there are things that may make your future plans more difficult to achieve (such as a health condition, disability or learning difficulty) we will help you find the support you need


> We help you learn how to make your own choices. This may seem difficult, and worries some people, but you can ask for help... and it gets easier the more you practice


> We can help you to find out about the things that will be different when you are an adult ... and to learn the skills that you need to make your own choices



> Change can be difficult! Our Cosmic Futures Team can help you to build confidence to take your next steps. We can talk to your family and other support workers too if you want us to.

Desert Cactus Landscape

At Cosmic Cactus we are passionate about person-centred planning.

Our Cosmic Futures team offers ... 

  • Level 6/7 Qualified Career Development Professionals to help you plan future options

  • An experienced Transition Worker to support with transition to adult services

  • A Peer Mentor for young people who like a youth perspective

  • Activities to develop skills for adult life

  • An approachable and person-centred staff team

  • Confidentiality

  • Enhanced DBS check for all staff

We'd love to hear
from you

Cosmic Cactus is a company limited by guarantee    Company number 13754128

Your future is our business

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