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Cactus Collection

Why ‘Cosmic Cactus’?

  • relating to the universe and the natural processes that happen in it
  • very great!
      usually with sharp spines 
      and thick stems for storing water
These types of plant are often viewed as ‘prickly’.
In fact they are amazing plants. Not only are they diverse and resilient, but often also very beautiful. Just like us!
Let's celebrate differences, learn from challenges, and aspire to achieve great things
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Company Information

Cosmic Cactus was formed in Nov 2021 to provide Information, Advice, Guidance and Person-centred Support.

The company also provides associated services – such as training and consultancy – where this fits within the expertise and ethos of Cosmic Cactus.

We work mainly, but not exclusively, in the BCP and Dorset Council areas.

The focus of Cosmic Cactus is people who experience barriers to participation (such as discrimination, prejudice, disability, impairment, health issues, special educational needs, exclusion, marginalisation etc…)
The 2011 Education Act changed fundamentally the way in which careers information, advice and guidance is commissioned. Schools and colleges now commission their own services and the National Careers Service deal with guidance for adults.
Cosmic Cactus contracts with schools/colleges to deliver services to students.

For more information about Career Guidance please see the CDI Code of Ethics 

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